Founded in 2009, BioBrew Ltd is an entirely NZ owned and operated probiotic product development and manufacturing company.
Our products are uniquely fresh, live, and active probiotics with very high numbers lactobacilli and the beneficial metabolites (organic acids) produced by those microbes. We make the only fresh probiotics with guaranteed viability throughout the entire shelf life. A fresh, live and active probiotic works much better than freeze-dried alternatives.
We spent the past 10 years working with Lincoln University, Callaghan Innovation, and others to refine our approach to manufacturing probiotics and are now produce probiotics with unique viability and shelf-life characteristics. We have over 10 years of experience making probiotics for animal nutrition (CalfBrew, EquiBrew, PetBrew, and StockBrew) and have just launched our first human health product, LiveBrew.
LiveBrew is manufactured under a strict quality control system in the Callaghan Innovation-funded and MPI export-approved manufacturing facility in Auckland.
We would like to offer NZ’s health care team the opportunity to purchase LiveBrew with a 20% discount.
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