Kapeka tells the story of natural growth seen in rivers, trees and families. It is the interconnected shape of branches in their many forms.
We have been crafting New Zealand made luxury knitwear for over 22 years. Founded by Peter Hanson, when opportunity was seen to bring together the excellence of New Zealand manufacturing, its natural fibres and experienced design. Kapeka focusses on luxury knitwear with unique blends that harness the fibres, innovations, skills and stories of New Zealand.
Sustainable natural fibres have always been at the heart of Kapeka, well before their wider benefits became globally appreciated.
We focus on ethically blending natural, sustainable fibres to craft our garments. We consciously source our fibres from traceable sources that boast quality and sustainable efforts.
Packaging is minimal and manufacturing is local to reduce our impact on Earth.
Natural fibres are technical and smart – providing natural antibacterial, anti-odour, fire-resistant and UV protection properties. Healthy for the wearer, healthy for the environment.
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