Nellie Tier is a 100% New Zealand made and New Zealand owned company, we make hand-blended luxurious natural skincare products. Nellie Tier is the name of the company founder’s grandmother, a young woman who settled in New Zealand in the early 1900’s.

We only use the finest vegetable oils and botanical extracts available combined with rich nut butters, pure flower hydrosois, vitamins, aloe vera and NZ Manuka honey. We perfume with aromatherapy based blends of pure essential oil. To ensure maximum freshness our raw materials are sourced in small quantities and our product is hand-blended in small batches. We DO NOT use parabens , sodium laurel sulphate, mineral oils, volatile alcohols, petrochemicals or any harmful chemicals. Our products are truly natural.

We would love to participate in this and show our gratitude to all our health workers who are working so hard for all of us in the front line during COVID-19.
We will offer a 25% discount to all our healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to get us through this tough time.