Kombucha City

Thank you to all the essential workers, including healthcare, who have been keeping us safe during lockdown and beyond.

As a small business who sells health based products, we know how important good health is.  We want to help keep you healthy so you can continue to do the great work you do.

We are a small, boutique Kombucha Brewery located in Torbay, on the North Shore of Auckland.  Kc Kombucha is traditionally brewed, so what you get is 100% kombucha, not watered down, and without added sweeteners or flavourings.  Our hand crafted kombucha flavours are delicious, not too sweet, and have no vinegary aftertaste.

As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer you 20% off all our Kc Kombucha range.

Please add the promotional code HEALTHCARE at the checkout to receive your discount.

I have attached our logo, and our website is www.kombuchacity.co.nz.